About Me – An unforgettable tale

Why, hello there dear reader/stranger/friend/whatever you like the best. Glad you’d like to know more about me. I’m assuming you’d have anything else to do, or you’re just a little nosey bastard so sit your arse down and let me tell you a tale about me, a tale you won’t forget.

It all began in the year of 1994 when the ugliest little baby was born. This little baby smelled, was kind of dumb and straight forward a  little pain in the arse, and obviously this baby was not me. I’m talking about this little prick  that was born in the same year (and day!) that I did. 9 FECKING MONTHS PLANING THE DAY AND HE JUST SHOWS UP UNINVITED!! THAT RUDE LITTLE PRICK!!!

*little voice in my head*: Ella, please calm down, look at the nice people trying to know more about you!

Okay, okay, I’m calm now.


ANYWAY I’m Ella and I was sorted into Gryffindor by Pottermore and my patronus is a black stalion! I like to write and to talk, to film, take pictures, and to eat all.the.food! I mean, not like all the food, but pasta, and pizza, and burgers, and vegetables (what? I have very diverse tastes!) I’m always laughing about the worst jokes ever. I love music (again very diverse tastes!), books, makeup, ice cream (who doesn’t), chocolate, oh! and to sing! Like a lot! For you to know me is pretty simple: imagine a pretty female human with a nice bum and a personality that’s a nice mix between Timon and Mushu. I have a thing for the 50’s and genuinely would love to look like a pin-up and have my life narrated by Morgan Freeman and the Muses from Hercules.


I even got a review of myself:

” Her main characteristic is her humour. Her… how can I put it nicely…? hum… unequaled! Yeah, her unequaled humour. Really pretty and if I could I would steal her hair (I’m a very good hair maker). Smart, evolutionary and intuitive but it’s not a tv nor a smartphone. Lazy as hell but a good girl despite”- My mom.


Here on the blog you can read everything from candid chats about sexuality and mental health (anxiety) to why I loved La La Land so much. So, pretty random but worth it – promise!




Nice to meet yuz!


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