Gift Guide: Makeup For a Makeup Addict That Won’t Cost You A Kidney | Blogmas 5

Hey guys! I’m back for another blogmas post and today I’m gonna talk about makeup *round of applauses and cheers*

I was thinking about doing a mini series of gift guides, would that be something that you would like? Let me know in the comments please.

Okay, so today’s post is for the people who don’t know a thing about makeup. For the ones who don’t distinguishes a foundation from a concealer, and for the ones who can’t figure out what the heck highlighter is.

Be it for your loved one, your impossible nice that you *really* want to please for some reason, your daughter or your son, or just a friend you know you can’t go wrong with makeup, after all it is fits all the five points of giving a gift:

1 – Something you saw them wearing

2 – Something you heard them talking about in a positive pinch

3 – It is not socks

4 – It is not something *too* personal (unlike perfumes)

5 – It shows you care about them and that you listen (even if you don’t).

Or can you? I mean you know absolutely nothing about makeup! You could as well be giving them something to put on their feet and thinking it’s a very nice foundation! Well my friends, worry no more ’cause that’s why I’m here.

Today I chose to stick with just one brand, Sleek. Full disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I’ve chosen to stick with Sleek for 6 main reasons:

1 – I’ve ordered from their website before and all went well

2 – If you pay +35€ you won’t be charged shipping fees

3 – It’s a very affordable brand

4 – The quality is amazing for the price

5 – It’s good whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

6 – You can have it all from one website

Oh and bonus one: 7You can still get all the good stuff before Christmas!

So, I’ve put up a list of something to create a full makeup look. So, foundation, concealer, brows, eyes, lips, highlighter and contour. If you’re just looking to buy some of these, here is the main thing you have to remember:

1 – Buying foundation for yourself it’s super hard let along for others. Matching the colour of the skin is something hard to do, so if you’re looking into buying just a few items then foundation is surely something you can skip!

2 – Not all girls like to do a full makeup look. Sometimes highlighter and contour is just something we skip on a daily base. If you skip those, it’s not the end of the world. In other hand, Sleek’s highlighter is un-fecking-believable so if your person (your person, I like that term!) is addicted to makeup add it to your basket ASAP.



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Let’s start then!

First you gotta apply a primer. A primer is something that will “grab” your makeup onto your skin and make it last longer. I chose this one (click to go there). It’s a control shine primer, so only get it if your person has an oily skin. Not sure? ASK! It’s 10,49€, and it’s suitable for all colours of skin.

Then, moving on to foundation. Foundation is what evens the skin tone and helps your skin look smooth. For foundation, I chose a CC Cream which is a very light weight foundation and its also light coverage, meaning that it won’t help you a lot if you have a lot to cover. If your person suffers with acne the BE BEAUTIFUL BLEMISH BALM may be a better choice as it repairs the skin at the same time it gives a full coverage!

CC Cream and the blemish balm are both 11,50€.


Moving on I want to talk about concealers. Concealers are that little magic thing that can help you conceal your skin problems better than just foundation. One does not go without the other tbh. I’ve chosen this one as it’s a set with different colours which can be used to cover different problems: dark circles, blemishes, etc.

I wish they still had the one with different colours because it was so much helpful. Maybe the stock went off on Black Friday? I don’t know, and I’m guessing you don’t know too. This one it’s 10,49€

Contour. Oh the joys of contour. “But what is it for?! I don’t want my person to look like a fecking Kardashian!” you’re saying, and well, you have a point. It was the K clan than gave life to the contoured look, however, it’s honestly so much more than this. With it, your person can look slimmer, hotter, or over all just whatever they like the best. For me, it’s just about highlighting my best features (honestely, for most people is). I’ve chose this contour pallet. Now bear in mind that you have to choose it based on the skin colour of your person. This one it’s 13,99€.

Speaking about highlighting our best features, it’s time to talk about highlighter! Highlighter is what you need to give your skin that healthy look. If you’re thinking about buying it this is an award shortlisted highlighter god damnit! Look, just buy this one. Trust me.

It’s the Solistice one and it’s 12,49€.

Moving on to blush. Blush it’s what gives that nice sexy “I just got laid” look to your person. JUST KIDDING! It’s what gives rosy cheeks and therefore a healthy look. I like this one, even though it’s cheaper (only 5,99€) you can get it in 11 different shades. My favourites are Rose Gold, Flamingo and Flushed.

I think I’ve covered pretty much everything about the skin so I’m moving into the eyes.

Eyebrows. Without them no look is complete. I’ve got two favourites for this category. The first one is for a brow expertie. It’s the EYEBROW STYLIST which costs 7,99€ and the other one it’s like a full kit with a tweezers and everything else which is 10,49€.

Talking about eyeliner now. Eyeliner is what gives your person that fleek eye everyone is dying for! My favourite one is this one which is 5,99€


Moving on to eyeshadow (and let’s just be honest, probably the only thing you’ll end up buying because this one actually seems to serve some kind of purpose). Here are my 3 all-time favourites. I already have the nude one as you can see on my favourites from October. They’re all 10,49€

1 – A New Day (the one I got)

2 – Sunset

3 – Nordic Skies

I’m not choosing any mascara because to be honest I don’t think much of it, so I don’t see the point on spending extra money on something that’s generally not good. I prefer this one instead:

Essence Lash Princess
Essence Lash Princess – only 4€

Lips. I’m so excited for this. I don’t know what got into me lately but I’m just so in love with lipstick. I’m leaving you 6 shades which are my favourites. You can see the one I got in one of my favourites, I’m just not sure which one!

1 – Dare (the one I got)

2 – Smoulder (pretty much like Dare but darker)

3 – Vamp (a brownish look, also dark)

4 – Barely there (nude. Even though it’s not my thing – I’m more for bold lips, my sister loves it!)

5 – Old Hollywood (another deep red)

6 – Velvet Slipper (rosish nude)


Okay guys, that’s all for today. You can click in every item and go to Sleek’s online store (EU). If you’re in the UK or US please choose your store. Again, this is not a sponsored post. The picture is mine, this means you cannot use it without my explicit consent. I’m greedy, that’s life for you, move on.

My question today is, are you into makeup? What’s the first item you bought (for you or for anyone else)?


P.S. Bonus question, how are you enjoying blogmas so far?


See you tomorrow!



  1. Kareen Liez Datoy

    23 February, 2017 at 8:39

    I don’t wear much makeup but this list is amazing. I will surely consider the items you have here for my future purchases. I love the shades of your eye shadow!

  2. stylewithtina

    9 December, 2016 at 19:06

    I’m not really into make up all too much. I like the natural look. But I do wear make up out on date nights with the S.O. A gift mini guide sounds great. Look forward to it. 🙂

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