Story Time: How my blog got its name

Hey guys!

If you’re a regular here on the blog you may have seen that it has a fresh new face. Since I’ve changed everything around here I decided to make a post replying to your most frequent asked questions: Where are you from? Is Ella Ivoire your name? Hehe.

A few months ago, I’ve decided that I wanted to share my passions with the world because someone, somewhere might have the same interests that I have. I knew I also wanted to up my writing skills and that I definitely needed to improve my english. So, what better way for me to do all that other than writing a blog?

I used to have another blog, may it rest in peace, where I wrote everything and anything that I felt like. However, this time, I wanted to be an extent for my YouTube channel (and vice versa) so in a few years I would look back and feel really proud of what I had made.

Now that I’ve come up with concept I needed a name.

I wanted something to do with me, something that wouldn’t fade if I eventually wanted to change my concept a little, because we all grow. I knew that at some point I would want to talk about subjects other than beauty and lifestyle, and I definitely didn’t want to confine my name to a niche.

So, how could I come up with a name that reflects me? It was time to ask my family and friends what’s the first features that come up to their minds when they thought of me, and the answers were pretty clear: My pale skin and dark hair, just like snow white.

I found that hilarious to be honest. I am quite pale indeed, specially within my family. I’m the palest of them all. I also have pretty dark hair (like a deep deep brown almost black kinda colour).

Now I’ll tell you a secret: My boyfriend call’s me Raffaella Raven Hair, because of my dark hair. And I thought about naming my blog after it but it was just so long.

I’ve also thought about Snow Ella but thank god I didn’t go with it, as in winter time Zoella actually changed her name on Twitter for (Snow)Ella and people would probably assume I was copying her, which sucks.

After a while it was pretty clear that the name that we we’re going for was Ella Ivoire (at this point all my family and friends were pretty invested in choosing a name, which was hilarious!).

And what does that mean?


Ella is short for Raffaella, which is my name. Ivoire is french for Ivory which is the colour of my skin.

But why french, you ask. Well, not only I love the french language, but also my parents only spoke french to each other for a while, as they hadn’t any other language in common (being from different countries).

So, that’s the story behind my blog’s name, nothing fancy, hun?

Do you have a special feature that people see when they look at you? Let me know in the comments! Also, what do you think about the blog’s layout?



  1. dollfacesaori

    21 March, 2017 at 4:43

    I love reading background stories! Wait, you said you needed to improve your English? What’s your native language, if I may ask? It’s crazy how with so many people blogging in English, we don’t even think about where people come from anymore!

  2. Marie @ Girl Knows Tech

    20 March, 2017 at 14:55

    So, do you speak French Ella? 😉

  3. Mary B

    16 March, 2017 at 16:01

    I loved reading this story of how your blog got it’s name. I always thought your name was Ella, and now I know better! Thanks for sharing!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. ellaivoire

      16 March, 2017 at 16:03

      You can call me Ella any time 😉 Everybody else does! 😂

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