Why I’m a feminist  (and you should be too)

Hey guys!
Today I was going to post my February Favourites (since I haven’t posted on Monday as per usual) but since today it’s the Internacional Women’s Day, I thought I would talk about feminism.

Calm down! Before you feel pulled off by this let me just say something – Feminism is very different from what you interneters call the Feminazi.

Some time ago I recall telling my bearded man that I wasn’t a feminist. He, being a natural liberal asked me why. Well the answer was pretty clear to me: I wasn’t a feminist because I believed in equal rights instead of women rule man drool.
Let me say that I don’t feel ashamed of stating this on the internet: I was ignorant about the subject.

In fact, pretty much of what you read online is taking man’s power (such in abuse cases – if it’s a man towards a woman he’s a monster. If it’s a woman towards a man he probably enjoyed it. This thoughts make me sick tbh).

Later on I saw a documentary about Feminism and realised that me, an history lover at its finest, knew *nothing* about feminism. That’s when I decided that I needed to educate myself.

I’ve learned that feminism is about EQUALITY. And this is one of the things that I loved to understand. A feminist is anyone who believes in equal rights for everyone regardless of their gender. So, that’s me right? That was what I stood for… Does that mean that I was a feminist? Well…

I’ve learned that a lot of women fought for me to have the rights that I have right now and that there are still a lot of women who need someone to fight alongside them for their rights (well this I already knew).

I’ve learned that feminism is about choice. It’s about having the power to decide what goes into my body and what to do with – pregnancy included! It’s  about having the right to choose whether or not I want to show my body and not be sexualised because I do, or called a prude because I don’t.

I’ve learned that women were always on the stage of history change and that unfortunately history was written by men who don’t always wanted to credit the right person.
I’ve learned that I have so much more to learn but the most special thing that I’ve learned is that *I’m a feminist.*

Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings. – Cheris Kramarae

In this Internacional Women’s Day all I want to put out in the world is that there’s so much to do yet, and a day is just that: a day. We need to do something everyday so the world can be a fair game to all.

Girls should help each other, guys should help girls, girls should help guys. We should be helping one another instead of constantly fighting with each other.

Bottom line, I’m not proud because I’m a woman, that was just pure luck. I’m proud because I’m the best woman that I can be right now. And I’m even prouder because I know that with time I’ll grow and will be able to be even better.

So are you a feminist? Why? Why not? Let’s have a debate on the comment section!


  1. thatguywithstories

    12 March, 2017 at 17:49

    I am sorry, I am not a feminist and neither I will I try to be one. Men and women are equivalent and not equal This difference is crucial to understand. Women have their own strengths and so do men. This does not mean that women should be denied all the opportunities that men have access to. But, if women want to make a mark , then they must stop comparing themmselves to men.

  2. hellolatoya

    10 March, 2017 at 11:02

    You’re so right! Being a Feminist is not about “running over the men,” but really embracing the best you that you can be! I’ll admit, a long time ago, I thought women had to be rude and try to run men, but I soon found out how ignorant I was. Thank you for sharing! Take care!😊

  3. watchmeblather

    10 March, 2017 at 9:52

    I’ve always believed that feminism should be about absolute equality between men and woman, we can’t expect to claim we want to be equal to men then change our minds when being equal means taking the bad with the good. we either want equality or we don’t.

  4. Maikel - Maikelsword.com

    10 March, 2017 at 7:49

    I Totally agree Ella! I am a big pro for equal rights, so important!

  5. Olivia | The OP

    10 March, 2017 at 6:15

    Yes! Hehehe I’m a Feminist, and I feel really put off by other people who claim to be one and don’t understand what it really means. Feminism isn’t about replacing men or being more than men. It’s equality for both genders right there. 🙂

  6. prernagargagarwal

    10 March, 2017 at 3:32

    Totally agree with you. I feel we all should be humanists – treat each and every person the same – same responsibilities, same freedom.

  7. dollfacesaori

    10 March, 2017 at 2:54

    Thank you for explaining what so many people misunderstand. Both men and women should work together towards creating a better world, and without putting anyone down!

  8. Beth Berger

    9 March, 2017 at 21:42

    Feminist and PROUD! Thanks for sharing your journey to becoming a feminist. I think that’s an important narrative to share. KEEP UP THE FIGHT! 🙂

  9. TheLifeOfMummyRhi

    9 March, 2017 at 20:08

    Thanks for sharing, although I do believe in equality, I’ve always believed that feminism was that women thought themselves as the better human and that men are below them

  10. Jasmin N

    9 March, 2017 at 16:36

    I don’t like when people say that feminism is about running over men, it’s not. It’s about equality between the genders. Loved what you wrote! Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Kari Chairez

    9 March, 2017 at 15:32

    What I love about this post is the fact that you’ve taken a dive straight into figuring out why you believe and feel what you do. It is incredibly brave to share something like this (especially in the tumultuous time we’re in). That said, I personally don’t agree with every feminist standpoint mostly because of my faith. However, I do absolutely agree that women should be encouraging each other despite our differences in beliefs and values. It seems women are incredibly judgmental of each other (which makes finding true female friends a rarity). Even if we don’t agree, we can still encourage each other to be the best! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  12. Cykaniki

    9 March, 2017 at 14:29

    I believe in equality and fair treatment, so I guess we’re on thesame path when it comes to this topic, in the past generation women are being recognized in our society, true essence of women are becoming well known, but in contrary there are few who doesn’t recognize it, so we still need to be heard.

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